• Eco-Friendly Materials
    Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Memory and Specialized Foam Layers
    Memory and Specialized Foam Layers
  • Orthopedic-Recommended Products with Spine Support
    Orthopedic-Recommended Products with Spine Support
  • Perfectly Quiet
    Perfectly Quiet
  • Size of Your Choice
    Size of Your Choice
  • Self-Cooling

Comfort mattress
for your healthy sleep

A winning combination of eco-friendly coir nestled with firm foam layer in it’s heart. With both side foam padding, it a reversible us product and available in eye-catching fabrics



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Healthy posture

We offer pillows of various filling namely
Sleepfresh is one mattress that’s the perfect fit for you.


We offer pillows of various filling namely
Super Micro Fiber and Memory Foam. These
pillows are made with the greatest intent of
providing complete comfort to the neck and
shoulders while ensuring that movement
during sleep can be supported by the pillow
reducing the impact of the movement.

Special mattress padding can hold up to 20% moisture, that providing comfort sleep also for children

  • Free Shipping
    We will be pleased to deliver your product at your door-step
  • Assured Service with Product Warranty
    Sleepfresh provides you genuine products with high warranty coverage being a testimony to our faith in our product.
  • Great Value for Money
    Best practices and experience over time has driven us to pass on our cost-edge benefit to our customers.
  • Online Payments
    Options of paying online through our web payment gateway or offline to our Bank Accounts through all electronic medians.
  • Certified Products
    We pride ourselves by being manufacturers of products which ISO 9001:2000 Certified along with confirming to ISI-Standards and matching global benchmarks.
  • In-House Integrated Manufacturing
    All products are made in-house proudly within India and the integration helps to ensure proper quality standards at all stages of production.
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