Description :

Our recommendation for the users suffering
from spine or back ache to use the product
made from high-density rubberised coir core
for superior sleep and topped with viscos elastic
foam (also known as memory foam) for body
adapting sleep patterns.


Composition :

Polyurethane Foam
Viscous Elastic Gel Foam
Supersoft foam
Rubberised Coir
Polyurethane Foam

Features and Benefits :

The Orthocare Plus is beneficial for those who have backaches and pains throughout the night. This mattress is designed to provide relaxation firmly in the mind.

Warranty :

7 years Warranty



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72×36 Inches, 72×60 Inches, 75×36 Inches, 75×60 Inches, 75×72 Inches, 78×36 Inches, 78×60 Inches, 78×72 Inches, 84×72 Inches


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