Buying a Mattress is as Easy as

Choose your Mattress Type
Measure your Bed Size
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Buying a Mattress is as Easy as

Choose your Mattress Type
Measure your Bed Size
Place Your Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the right mattress for me?

Mattresses preference vary from user to user, which is why Sleepfresh crafts such a large variety of products using almost the entire range of inner specifications available in the market.

We recommend you choose your product based on the thickness, firmness meter and inner specification which suits you best.

What is the difference between a regular and orthopaedic mattress?

Orthopaedic mattresses are those which allow the contours of your body to be aligned while you sleep, they ensure optimal support for you and the weight pressure points.

Our range of products like Spinefine, Paincare, Orthocare Plus, Memocure and Finespine fall in this category.

What is this memory foam?

Memory foam is a common language name for Viscos Elastic Polyurethane Foam which is made from an open-cell structure to ensure that the pressure from movement of the body is absorbed by the product and this ensures movement to be isolated so your sleep partner doesn’t feel your motion.

What is Polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam made from the combustion of various chemicals, it adds softness, bounce and cushioning to your sleep system like it does to your lives through its use in seating, sofa footwear and various other products

What is Natural Latex foam?

Natural Latex foam is made from natural rubber extracted from rubber trees. Collected, Molded and pasted into your sleep system.

What is EPE foam?

EPE foam is light weight and agile expanded polyethylene foam which adds filling to the mattress core along with durability.

What is Rebonded foam?

Rebonded foam is made using the chips and shreds of polyethylene foam to create firmer version of same foam for greater durability and stability.

What is Rubberised Coir?

Rubberised coir is weaved from the highest quality long fibre of curated coir rope extracted from the coconut’s husk. It is what makes the product 100% natural, eco-friendly and recyclable.

What is Pocket Spring?

The bouncy spring unit system used in the core of creating bounce to our lives and gives the peppy feel which you enjoy during luxurious hotel stays.

If you are still not satisfied, we’ll be happy to solve your queries on our Customer Care No. +91-9433058682.

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