Schedule of Charges

In the unlikely event of a defect within the warranty period, a pro-rate warranty shall apply. Pro-rata can be calculated as follows:


if the actual cost of repair is more than the cost, the difference to be paid by the customer
Example (for sample purpose only)

The pro-rata value available to a customer on a mattress worth Rs. 10,000 with 5 years warranty, that has a problem after 2 years is:

Rs. 10000 (5-2) = Rs 6000


Any additional charges above Rs. 6000 to be borne by the customer

Do's and Dont's for your product Maintenance-


  • Rotate the mattress “Head to Foot” at least once every month to prevent permanent body impressions to be created on to the mattress and enhance lift of product.
  • Body impressions are normal and inevitable. These may be minimised by rotation at regular intervals.
  • Use the handlos provided at the sides of the mattress for positioning only. Do not use handles for carrying.
  • Ensure that the mattress size should be conducive to the size of the cot and the surface of the cot should be firm and even in nature to withstand the weight of the user and mattress.


  • Do not allow liquid of any sort to enter the mattress as it may lead to damage to the structure of the coir in the mattress
  • Do not place your mattress near open flame or expose to fire. This product is not flame or fire proof. When ignited, some bedding material can burn rapidly and emit smoke and hazardous gases
  • Do not bend, fold or roll your mattress. This may lead to eventual depletion in the bonding of the mattress and eventually cause sagging
  • Sitting on the edges, or keeping heavy objects on it could lead to mattress losing it’s proper shape. The product is not designed for heavy weightconcentration.

Terms & Conditions

  • Raunak Coirs Limited referred to as The Company’ reserves the right to refuse service if the product is found to be in an unsanitated condition, soiled, stained or when failure due to causes other than defect in coils and wires in case of innerspring core or other variants of Rebonded Foam or Polyurethane Foam core is found. In other words, we warrant against the core of the product only.
  • During no charge period, the company will replace the product free-of-charge if valid claim is found. For the rest of duration of the warranty, the charge as per the above given schedule will be levied and the product value will be assessed as per the current date MRP of the product.
  • The mattress must be purchased from the company’s authorised channel partner against cash memo and the Warranty card must be duly stamped and signed by the dealer. The defect must be prima-facie notified to the channel partner along with valid proof of purchase.
  • Warranty is not valid if the mattress is damaged due to accident, mishandling, or improper Usage. The Warranty is valid against manufacturing defects only.
  • Guarantee is on “Carry in” basis which means that it is customer’s responsibility to bring the defective product to the channel partner point and take a replacement from there.
  • While the company endeavours to service its customers best and replace item under warranty as soon as possible, there is no specified time under which it is liable to do so.
  • The warranty excludes any other condition/affirmation/ lability not expressed therein.
  • Claims (if any) arising from the Warranty will be exclusively restricted to the jurisdiction of the courts in Kolkata only.
  • The company’s decision on the nature of defects and applicability of this Warranty will be final and binding.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Warranty is applicable on purchase from authorised channel partner outlets only.
  • This Warranty is pro-rated. It is limited to sagging crumbling and natural disintogration of only the core and does not cover damage
    caused over time due to normal domestic use.
  • The Warranty is not valid for damages resulting from accident, mishandling. heat, wet climate, environmental extromos or improper usage.
  • With normal use, flexible PU Foam is likely to develop softness and change in colour, this is a natural process and not a delect.
  • If complaint arises during the Warranty period please contact our authorised channel partner or log your complaint through our website/email along with your Purchase Invoice and Warranty Acknowledgment Card.
  • Transportation cost incurred towards replacement of the product is to be borne by the customer exclusively.
  • Warranty is applicable on products having thickness of 75mm and above only along with standard company sizes.
  • The decision of Raunak Coirs Limited regarding nature of defects and applicability of warranty is final.
  • Customer must bear the depreciation charges as per pro-rata formula.
  • Warranty loses validity once the sheet has been cut/altered or modified.
  • Disputes regarding warranty, if any, shall be exclusively subjected to the courts in jurisdiction of Kolkata only.
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