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  • Sleep Freshness Enhancing Technology
    Sleep Freshness Enhancing Technology
    With the unique patented technology, Sleepfresh has developed a formulation of treating it’s sleep systems to resist termites, fungi and bacteria which might affect our sleep, simultaneously ensuring odour-free sleep aura to enhance
    freshness every morning from a FRESH SLEEP!
  • Springbak Technology
    Springbak Technology
    Product stimulating technology called "Springbak '' which leads to the inner material core to work in a more proactive way and react faster to the body movements made by the user during sleep to provide unperturbed fresh sleep every night.
  • Eco-Friendly Products
    Eco-Friendly Products
    Eco-Friendly Raw Material usage is of prime importance to Sleepfresh. As our brand theme suggests, we are committed to sustainable living and promote use of eco-friendly products which are biodegradable and recyclable for sleep comfort like range of Rubberised Coir Mattresses
  • Breathable Fabric
    Breathable Fabric
    A soft breathable fabric creates a plush and comfortable sleeping surface for a more restful night's sleep.
  • Online Transaction
    Online Transaction
    Online Payment Gateway for Ensuring Safe and Fast Transactions.
  • Multi-Layer Mattress
    Multi-Layer Mattress
    Multi-Layer Combinations to ensure the best attributes of all the products are blended into your sleep experience
  • Easy service and warranty claim
    Easy service and warranty claim
    Assured Service and Warranty Coverage along with dedicated Customer Care Team.
  • 20+ Years in Business
    20+ Years in Business
    Three-Generations of Family Managed Business creating quality sleep for 20+ Years.
  • Research and Development
    Research and Development
    Dedicated Research and Development Team with Highly Equipped Product Testing Laboratory
  • Door-step Delivery
    Door-step Delivery
    Doorstep Delivery with Easy Tracking
  • Worldwide Access
    Worldwide Access
    Available at all Leading Online and Offline Retail Channels
  • No-Cost EMI
    No-Cost EMI
    No-Cost EMI Option Available.
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