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Sleeping comes naturally, but deciding which mattress to sleep on? Not so much. Now, that’s where Sleepfresh comes in. By creating a mattress that’s perfect for 90% of sleepers, we’ve saved folks sleepless nights of research and decision-making. We’ve also made Sleepfresh mattresses especially easy to try by saving you a ton of money and time when it comes to searching to buy the best mattress online!


Sleepfresh has been a timeless effort of manufacturing excellence by the Kolkata-based Raunak Group since the year 1997. In the two decades of tirelessly perfecting the process of manufacturing sleep products, we have been seeking to create fresh lives every day through fresh sleep every night! Using the most advanced production techniques and in-house production synergy of processes, our products are manufactured using cleanest of technology for a safer environment for our future generations to come. Our extensive channel partner network and dedicated customer-centric team helps us reach for the opportunity of creating fresh sleep for one-billion plus population of Indians who are deserve quality sleep every night.

The Sleepfresh Technology

We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

With the unique patented technology,“Sleep Freshness Enhancing Technology”, Sleepfresh has developed a formulation of treating it’s sleep systems to resist termites, fungi and bacteria which might affect our sleep, simultaneously ensuring odour-free sleep aura to enhance freshness every morning from a FRESH SLEEP!

Sleepfresh uses a stimulating technology called “Springbak” which leads to the Inner-spring system to work in a more pro-active way and react faster to the body movements made by the user during sleep to provide unperturbed FRESH SLEEP every night

  • Mission
    Our Mission Is To Become Global Leaders In Providing The Best Quality Mattresses For The Ultimate Sleep To Energize & Rejuvenate Individuals For A better & Healthy Life.
  • Vision
    To Be The Name To Reckon With In The Comfort Industry. Make HighQuality Mattress Affordable For All. Reinventing The Fresh Sleep Technology To Adhere With The Modern Lifestyle.
  • Values
    We Also Take Care Of Hygiene Therefore All Sleep Fresh Mattresses Are Made With Antibacterial Materials That Are Durable & Provide The Best Quality Sleep Even After 5 Years Of Use.

We commence our first manufacturing facility of Rubberised Coir at Kolkata in West Bengal


We launch our fully fabricated mattress range under the brand of RAUNAK


We spread our wings, we start marketing outside the territory of West Bengal into North-Eastern India


We commence the manufacturing of our products at our second-facility at Cuttack in Odisha


The brand- Sleepfresh takes birth and commences it's journey in the Indian markets


We commence the manufacturing of our products at our third-facility at Pune in Maharashtra and spread our wings to India's Western shores


We setup our fourth-facility at Guwahati in Assam to shore up our service levels in these specific terrains


We setup our Polyurethane Foam vertical at our plant at Kolkata in West Bengal


We introduced our new range of roll-pack mattresses under the brand - Dreamfresh

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